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Mar 27, Hoya amplitude bks blurry?

Q: Looking right or left, vision is blurry close or far objects. Optometrist says they are like that. Need to look in the center of the lens to see...

Mar 27, Laser etching on Zeiss Individual 2 progressive lenses

Q: I recently had a new prescription for eyeglasses filled. I had the prescription filled with Zeiss Individual 2 lenses. Ive used Zeiss progressives...

Mar 27, 2 Sets of Lenses

Q: Hi, I have know central vision in my left eye so both my distance and reading glasses have a blank or balancer in both left sides of specs. I have...

Mar 27, Eyeglasses cutting Face

Q: Both my sons have very high Rx in the range of -14, so their glasses are very thick even in the high index. They are both young active boys though,...

Mar 27, Should I find another optometrist and lab for my Progressive eyeglasses?

Q: 2008 -7.25 -6.50 +75 090 X 150 2013 -5.50 -100 X 65 -4.25 -025 X 150/200 2016 -6.00 -100 X 65 -4.25 -025 X 200...

Mar 27, Looking GOOPY!!

Q: Hi, I hope you can help me. My Prescription…. RIGHT = SPH +3.50……..CYL -3.00……..AXIS 172.5 LEFT = SPH +4.00……..CYL -3.50……..AXIS 7.5 READING...

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  • Michelle Lane 821 Noir

    Michelle Lane 821 Noir
    The Michelle Lane 821 Noir glasses add drama and dimension to petite faces with a classic cat-eye shape. The handmade acetate frame comes in an iridescent combi...(more)

    $60.00 More Details
  • Michelle Lane 821 Bleu

    Michelle Lane 821 Bleu
    The Michelle Lane 821 Bleu glasses offer a clever alternative to a traditional tortoiseshell design. The cat-eye frame front comes with upswept temples that hel...(more)

    $60.00 More Details
  • Michelle Lane 821 Olive

    Michelle Lane 821 Olive
    Monets water lily pads served as inspiration for the Michelle Lane 821 Olive frames deep green hue which best suits warm and golden skin tones. The classic cat-...(more)

    $60.00 More Details
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