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Oct 28, White marks appear on my new glasses lenses

Q: Hiya! Received my new glasses a couple of weeks ago from vision express, I do have 2 issues though: First. At a certain angle I see white marks appear...

Oct 28, Advice for a first timer

Q: Hello, my name is Laura. I just turned 30. Ive been having trouble seeing small print for a few years now, but didnt make an appointment to see...

Oct 28, Will my lenses be thick?

Q: Hi, I have ordered Single vision distance only Cryzal 7 high index lenses 1.67 in a transitional brown. I am worried that my lenses will be thick...

Oct 28, Do sunglasses need to be progressive as well?

Q: My daily lenses are progressive and photochromic but my optician recommended dedicated sunglasses when out in bright sun. I ordered non-progressive...

Oct 28, Reading Glasses question

Q: Hi, I have these over the counter reading glasses..they are +3.25 strength..Im a little blurry at this strength.. I found there places on the web...

Oct 3, Blurriness in my new glasses

Q: I have a really weird problem with my new glasses. I went to a new eye doctor this year and its been a huge mess! When I got my glasses with new...

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  • Mayhem 8508 161 Purple Silver

    Mayhem 8508 161 Purple Silver
    Smooth curves and deep jewel-toned hues define the Mayhem 8508 161 Purple Silver glasses. The frames narrow oval shape looks great against angular features and ...(more)

    $45.00 More Details
  • Mayhem S16 161 Purple

    Mayhem S16 161 Purple
    The Mayhem S16 161 Purple glasses offer an old-school retro cool for petite faces. The retro wingtip frame front comes in a deep purple hue that serves as a war...(more)

    $45.00 More Details
  • Mayhem S13 104 Black

    Mayhem S13 104 Black
    The Mayhem S13 104 Black glasses are a smart and sassy pair perfect for petite faces. The elongated oval frame front is a great choice for angular features and ...(more)

    $45.00 More Details