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Here’s a new entry into the ‘athleisure’ trend

Athleisure has taken over the fashion industry by storm, with pop-culture icons and fashionistas inculcating it in their everyday outfits. Earlier sweatpants and sneakers were reserved for workouts, but the changing trend has evolved their usage significantly. The sports leisure has become the largest growing trend in the fashion world with luxury brands such as […] The post Here’s a new entry into the ‘athleisure’ trend appeared first on Lenskart Blog. ...

How will winters affect your eyes

Winter season brings so much with it – holidays, festivals and a lot of joy. However, the season also comes with extreme temperatures and precipitation. While we protect our hands and ears with gloves and ear muffs, you should also know that harsh cold weather can impact your eyes as well. It’s important to understand […] The post How will winters affect your eyes appeared first on Lenskart Blog. ...

Why choose contact lenses while playing sports

If you’re a chashmish, you’ll know that this can prove tricky when it comes to playing sports. #GrowingUpWithGlasses Even top athletes don’t prefer eyeglasses when they’re in the game. Why Because they tend to fog up, slip and also fall off.  To make it worse, they provide no peripheral (side) vision and temples can be […] The post Why choose contact lenses while playing sports appeared first on Lenskart Blog. ...

How minimalism of 90s is trending now

Minimalism in fashion focuses on the bare essentials and any overt ornamentation is removed. Not to be confused with simplicity, minimalism is about the use of lesser things to meet a larger end. Just like oversized sunglasses with thick frames and embellishments became quite popular last year (as seen on the runways of Valentino and […] The post How minimalism of 90s is trending now appeared first on Lenskart Blog. ...

Trend Alert: Transparent Frames

Does the eyewear fashion of iconic legends Diane Lane, Annette Bening, Zoey Deutch, Tom Hanks, or Johnny Depp make you go gaga Do you wish to emulate their eyewear choice If yes, then you definitely have a penchant for the extremely versatile transparent frames. Here’s a roundup of what to know before you grab a […] The post Trend Alert: Transparent Frames appeared first on Lenskart Blog. ...

8 sunglasses myths busted

Sunglasses, ever since they were introduced, have never gone out of fashion. Be it for protection from UV rays or simply to make a fashion statement, sunglasses have always been given a thumbs up by patrons. With their growing popularity, there are certain myths that are also floating around about their usage and benefits. We […] The post 8 sunglasses myths busted appeared first on Lenskart Blog. ...

SKU-sku6250481 Clear Care Plus HydraGlyde Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution - 3 fl oz from Walgreens  sku

Clear Care Plus HydraGlyde Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution - 3 fl oz - sku6250481 by Clear Care

Item description: This Accessories product is by Clear Care - For Use with all Soft and RGP Lenses 3% Hydrogen Peroxide With HydraGlyde* Moisture Matrix Ideal for Silicone Hydrogel Lenses Long-Lasting Moisture for Soft Lenses Triple Action Cleaning Preservative Free Sterile Free Lens Case Included Fresh Lens Feeling for Soft Lenses Clear Care* Plus is a convenient and highly effective hydrogen peroxide based system with exclusive moisture technology for soft contact lenses. Clear Care* Plus provides simultaneous cleaning, daily protein removal and disinfection of all types of contact lenses, including soft (hydrophilic), silicone hydrogel, and rigid gas permeable lenses. Our patened Triple Action Cleaning formula deeply cleans and kills bacteria while carrying away dirt and debris by attaching to deposits and lifting them away. The exclusive HydraGlyde* Moisture Matrix is primarily designed for weeting and lubricating silicone hydrogel lenses. It surrounds soft lenses in long-lasting moisture for extra hydration. What's Inside Makes the Difference in Clean Clear Care* Plus Features Benefits 3% Hydrogen Peroxide kills germs & bacteria Helps prevent serious eye infections and deep cleans your lenses to remove protein build-up and debris. Clear Care* Plus Lens Case & Disc neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide Creates a gentle saline solution close to your own tears, so no harsh chemicals or preservatives enter your eyes. PLURONIC† 17R4 built in cleaner Convenient one-step cleaning without rubbing to help provide clean, comfortable lenses. Exclusive HydraGlyde* Moisture Matrix Technology especailly for silicone hydrogel soft lenses Reconditions soft lenses and surrounds them with long-lasting moisture for extra hydration. Adds extra lubrication for silicone hydrogel soft lenses. Contents Clear Care* Plus Cleaning & Disinfection Solution (Clear Care* Plus) is a sterile solution containing micro-filtered hydrogen peroxide 3%, sodium chloride 0.79%, stabilized with phosphoric acid, a phosphate buffered system, PLURONIC† 17R4 (a cleaning agent), and HydrGlyde* Moisture Matrix (EOBO-21*-polyoxyethylene-polyoxybutylene, especially for silicone hydrogel soft lenses). 1-800-757-9195 Made in USA *a trademark of Novartis †PLURONIC is a trademark of BASF... Learn More

Manufacturer: Clear Care

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