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Jan 16, Does my latest prescription make sense?

Q: For several years my prescription declared my right sphere as -3.75, left as -4.75. My most recent visit (to the same optician) indicated that my...

Dec 29, Lens Transfer

Q: Hi, I just bought new eyeglasses but it seems that it doesnt fit me very well and it doesnt suit me at all, at first I thought its fine but it started...

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Nov 21, Prescription consistency

Q: In looking into ordering new reading glasses I decided to look back at old prescriptions. Here is the record I found: 11/20/99: OD +0.00 Cyl 0...

Oct 28, White marks appear on my new glasses lenses

Q: Hiya! Received my new glasses a couple of weeks ago from vision express, I do have 2 issues though: First. At a certain angle I see white marks appear...

Oct 28, Advice for a first timer

Q: Hello, my name is Laura. I just turned 30. Ive been having trouble seeing small print for a few years now, but didnt make an appointment to see...

Podium Anastasia Tortoiseshell - 22596 - eyeglasses sku

Podium Anastasia Tortoiseshell - 22596 by Podium

Item description: This eyeglasses Podium product is by Podium - Big bold and nerdy-chic the curvy Anastasia frames from Podium flatter angular features while its winged-out design complements tapered jaws and low brows. Firm frame arms sit securely on small and medium faces.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Podium

Keywords: Podium Anastasia Tortoiseshell glasses cheap glasses buy glasses frames prescription glasses designer eyeglasses Podium eyewear

Category: Podium


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